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Something Katherine has gotten into lately, with the intensity that only a small child can, is VeggieTales, the series of Christian-themed computer-animation videos starring vegetables produced by a small animation studio outside Chicago. She'll sometimes wake up saying "go watch VeggieTales", and has to be convinced that it would be good to eat breakfast first. (This morning, she did wake up saying "I'm hungry", but by the time we got downstairs she was clamoring for VeggieTales)

We've caught her singing "VeggieTales, VeggieTales, VeggieTales" to herself and even once heard "Cebú... cebú..." over the baby monitor as she was getting to sleep. (If you're not familiar with the series, just trust me that there's a song with that in it)

Jennifer and I have been fans of VeggieTales for a while, and in fact have a complete collection (well, we're missing one of the four non-CGI tapes) that we started sometime in 2001.

Anyway, as should not be too surprising, I've been watching lots of Veggie Tales with Katherine lately and have been thinking about it more than usual.
Cut for length, and for spoilers of recent video content )
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So I was watch Comedy Central's "The Daily Show" from June 8th through the wonders of bittorrent and people ripping stuff off their Tivo's, and they did a piece on the New Jersey democratic primary (which I forgot to vote in).

Anyway, at one point in the piece they go to the Dennis Kucinich NJ headquarters - and I realized that I was there just a few weeks ago. It's in Riverside, NJ, and every year the town of Riverside holds a town-wide yard sale. We'd passed by, and they had a table out urging us to vote in the primary for Kucinich. I talked to them for a little bit about John Edwards, who I really would have liked to see as the nominee, and they lobbied me (heavily) to vote for Kucinich so as to get more delegates at the convention and hopefully insert some more progressive planks into the party platform.

So it was just surprising to see the Daily Show's Samantha Bee walk down a sidewalk and up to a house and realize "Hey! I was there!" and "Hey I talked to that lady too, and she was just as incoherent in person as she was after their editing department sliced and diced her on-camera comments".

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